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frequently asked questions (faqs)


How do I secure your services for my wedding/event and when should I book?

To secure my services, you'll need to complete the contract and pay a $100 deposit. Booking should be done in as much advance as possible – some brides book 1-2 years in advance!

When do I pay the full amount for services?

The remaining balance of services will be due 7 days prior to event. Any gratuity can be added to the final payment, or given to Jana on the day of event.

What is included in your service fees?

  1. Makeup application including eyelashes (strip or individual) designed to last all day!
  2. Touch up kit for makeup clients that includes rice paper, a studio sized powder puff packed with translucent powder, and a lip sampler/gloss.
  3. Hair styling (all hair products and pins are provided by Jana & Co.). Any decorative clips or pins are to be provided by client.
  4. Veil placement (if applicable)

Are there any additional costs or fees?

Hotel parking/valet fees (if applicable), and location fee (per artist) will be calculated into brides total due.

Is a trial run necessary?

A TRIAL RUN isn't completely necessary, but can often be a great way of communicating your needs/wants with us in a relaxed setting. If a trial run isn't possible (due to budget or time constraints) we can schedule a CONSULTATION. This is a 30-minute, NO CHARGE appointment to discuss your ideas/needs for the bride and bridal party.

How long does a trial run usually take?

Allow 3 hours for your trial run – we'll take pictures before, during and after and provide them to you at the conclusion of the appointment.

We'll ask for your input while we create the perfect look in a relaxed setting. All products/procedures will be documented, and a storyboard will be created of your trial; which will be used as reference on your wedding day.

If you're booking a trial run for EITHER makeup OR hairstyling trial, allow 90 minutes for each appointment.

What do I need to do to prepare for my trial run?

Be sure to browse and save photos in advance of hair and makeup looks that you love. Even if you're undecided on some details, we'll be able to spot the similarities between your insperation pics!

Wear a top that is the same color of the top you'll be wearing on your wedding day. This helps in visualizing your makeup look/colors.

Bring along your wedding day accessories, if you have them! Earrings, hair comb, veil, etc. (no worries if you don't have them, we have a test veil and collection of sample accessories to try!)

Leading up to the big day...

Below are some recommendations to help you look your best on your wedding day:

    • Hydrate! Try to update your water intake in the weeks leading up to your event.
    • Stick to the skin care routine that works for you – be sure to follow it regularly.
        - Cleanse your face and neck using luke warm water
        - Exfoliate once a week with a gentle scrub
        - Moisturize
        - Don't forget the sunscreen!

'Day of Event' things to remember...

• Cleanse
• Drink lots of water and stay hydrated throughout your day!
• Moisturize
• Eat healthy!

What about the men?

We provide men's grooming if needed to clean up eye-brows, conceal blemishes, sunburn or razor burn. A light make-up application can even out the complexion for photographs or special events. Perfect for grooms on their wedding day!

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