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services: video/commercial/corporate

Having a seasoned professional on the set is worth its weight in gold.  If it’s a commercial, corporate project, film or music video – time is of the essence, and time is money.  The makeup/hair artist is very often the first face that an actor or CEO sees when arriving on location.  And most often, the last face they see before leaving the set.

The artist can, and should be, a calming presence for the talent as well as crew, helping to set the tone for the day.  Long hours and late nights can often add to the stress of any shoot. So, knowing what and how much to say to her clients…and when to NOT talk at all, for instance – is a trait that is learned from experience, not from books or classes! 

After all, your video/commercial project is NOT ABOUT the makeup/hair artist.  It IS about the makeup/hair artist being in tune with the director, cinematographer and other crew members on set.  It IS about being watchful and observant, keeping one step ahead of the talent on camera to make sure that makeup/hair and wardrobe are in place and functioning so that each camera "take" is exactly as the director envisions.   

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