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Being a "second set of eyes" beside the photographer during a photo shoot is natural to a good makeup artist/hair stylist. One of my favorite places to be is just behind/beside the photographer – looking over his/her shoulder to make sure everything looks and remains just right for each shot.

A good artist is not only experienced in the application of makeup or art of hairstyling – but also stays keenly aware and ready to "jump in" to make adjustments to the face, hair and wardrobe of the client. Being prepared with the proper tools (even duct tape!) to "fit" the garment and keep things camera ready at all times. Makeup and hair for a photo shoot is much different too – certain colors "read differently" in color than black and white media. Additional shading and contouring are used, and special products and effects are utilized to maximize and work with the lighting and set design.

Also important is my role as a confidant, so to speak, with each client. At times, during glamour shoots, women may not feel comfortable being in front of or posing for the camera. But when they LOOK beautiful, they will FEEL beautiful – and that energy will come across to the printed page.

Theater students applying makeup.
Jana and a member of her team preparing a client for a photo shoot.

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Our job is to make YOU look your best. And we'll do whatever it takes!

- Jana Bunge, Owner

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